QWAD (Quantum Waveguides Applications & Developments) is an FP7 FET STREP project funded by the European Union.

The idea is to develop and apply the technology of laser-written quantum waveguide devices. More specifically, QWAD will design novel structures tailored for high performance quantum simulation, for new classes of ready-made devices for secure communication, and for entanglement enhanced quantum sensing in lab-on-chip systems.


The following goals are envisaged:

  • develop an enabling platform of laser-written quantum waveguide components
    • full control of all propagation parameters
    • design three-dimensional structures
    • qubits encoded in the polarization and path
  • scalable photonic quantum logic and quantum simulations
    • hyperentangled multi-photon states
  • develop tailored structures
    • small, compact QKD systems
    • lab-on-chip devices

Quantum Waveguides Applications and Development